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  • Innovative lithium-ion battery technology
  • Service life of up to 20 years
  • Cycle stability at high currents
  • Partial cyclisation possible – no memory effect
  • Quick charging capability: fully charged in one hour
  • Efficient operation through active temperature control
  • Safety-tested technology in accordance with the latest standards
  • Integrated multi-level security concept

  • Deep discharge protection, overcharge protection
  • Voltage and temperature monitoring
  • Charge balancing between cells (passive balancing)
  • Determination of the state of charge and state of health (SOC and SOH)


  • UN test 38.3
  • European Conformity (CE)
  • Compatible with SMA, Sunny Island 3.0/4.4/6.0/8.0 Victron, Delios and Studer
  • Supports multi-cluster functionality (scalable up to 12 modules in parallel)

Energy (nom./usable) 8.5 kWh/6.8 kWh
Nominal voltage 54.0 V
Charge end voltage 61.5 V
Discharge end voltage 45.0 V
Capacity (nom./usable) 156.6 Ah/125.3 Ah
Max. charge 90 A
Max. discharge current 300 A ( 3 sec.)
Max. discharge power 18 kW*
Weight 97 kg
Dimensions (mm) W x H x D 638 x 421 x 487 mm
Communication CAN – SMA ready
Battery chemistry Li-Ion NMC
Discharge depth 80% DOD
Full cycles 5,000
Battery Management System
Monitoring of cell voltage, cell temperature, current, derating and passive balancing
  • Model: BMZ ESS 9.0
  • Manufacturer: BMZ

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