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Multi-Flow Pen120 Hybrid Solar Pump (DC & AC)

Multi-Flow Pen120 Hybrid Solar Pump (DC & AC)
Multi-Flow110 Hybrid Solar Pump Multi-Flow AC/DC Solar Submersible Borehole Pumps are fitted with a permanent magnet, brush-less motor, which enables the efficient use of energy from a wide range of supply options. The Multi Flow Hybrid Solar Pump system offers a perfect water supply solution in remote areas where water is scarce and the power supply is non-existent or unreliable. The motor-housing is double shielded and poses no pollution risk to drinking water. The integrated control system is built inside the motor to make it more compatible and reliable, while offering MPPT functionality, maximizing the utilization of power generated from the solar array. * Please note: Included in the price is the pump with built-in controller and an all weather DC Disconnect Switch. The Hybrid controller for auto switching is available on request. The panel configuration is determined by the flow rate and head and is to be quoted separately. PUMP SPECIFICATIONS: Made of AISI 304 stainless steel Multi Stage Impeller design – 4″ Minimal pump vibration and noise Long service lifetime MOTOR SPECIFICATIONS Made of AISI 304 stainless steel Double outer and inner shielded structure (Submersible depth 150m) – 4″ Internal coil made from high-temperature tolerant copper wire Efficiently protecting the motor at high-temperatures – Extends motor’s lifetime Water filling lubricated rotor with top / bottom graphite bearing and thrust bearing Co-axial-rotation efficiently reduces motor’s vibration and noise and extend its service lifetime. Built-in, integrated Variable Frequency Converter with intelligent-speed control algorithm with speed up to 6000 RPM INTELLIGENT CONTROLLERThe intelligent controller designed for Multi-Flow Hybrid Solar pumps offers high flexibility towards power supply source and range. Can be powered with either DC or AC voltage MPPT & DSP technology – Intelligent parameter detection Soft starting – Long system’s lifetime A Special power management system can be added to the pump system to automate the power management functions and to automate the hybrid functionality. (Supplied with a DC Disconnect Switch) PROTECTION Dry-running protection Over-current protection Over-voltage protection Overload protection Phase loss protection POWER Supply voltage Flexibility with regards to power supply and power range, the motor can be supplied with either DC or AC voltage: AC voltage range: 1 x 60 – 300 VAC,50-60Hz DC voltage range: 60 – 400VDC Open circuit voltage: 60-440VOC Output power range: 0.37 – 3.0Kw for DC Output power range: 0.37 – 2.2Kw for AC APPLICATION Watering of livestock Irrigation and greenhouses Game parks and game farms Conservation areas Surface water pumping Floating pump installations for pumping water from ponds and lakes (Can be installed Horizontally) WARRANTY 2 Years Manufacturers warranty (Terms & Conditions as per Installation Guide)
  • Model: Multi-Flow Pen120 Hybrid Solar Pump (DC & AC)

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